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Other SUE1 Projects

The VivaCity2020 Project is one of a number of EPSRC-funded projects investigating Sustainable Urban Environments in the UK.

Cluster One – Urban and Built EnvironmentCityNight300pxl
1. Innovation in Design – Construction and Operation of Buildings for People
2. VivaCity2020 - Urban Sustainability for the 24-hour City
3. SUFC – The Sustainable Urban Form Consortium
Cluster Two – Waste, Water and Land Management
1. Waste Resource Management in Urban Environments
2. SUBR:IM - Sustainable Urban Brownfields: Integrated Management
3. WaND - Water Cycle Management for New Developments
Cluster Three – Transport
1. SOLUTIONS - Sustainability of Land Use and Transport in Outer Neighbourhoods
2.Futures - Future Urban Technologies: Undertaking Research to Enhance Sustainability
3. DISTILLATE - Design and Implementation Support Tools for Integrated Local land Use, Transport and the Environment
4. AUNT:SUE - Accessibility and User Needs in Transport
Cluster Four – Metrics, Knowledge Management and Decision-making
1. PUrE - Pollutants in the Urban Environment
2. SUE:MoT - Metrics, Models and Toolkits for Whole Life Sustainable Urban Development
3. SUE-KM - Knowledge Mapping and Bringing About Change for the Sustainable Urban Environment
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