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The British Urban Regeneration Association facilitates the exchange of ideas, experience and solutions within regeneration.
The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment promotes design and architecture to raise the standard of the built environment.
The Centre for Accessible Environments offer information and training on the accessibility of the built environment for disabled people. A registered United Kingdom charity.
The Department for Communities and Local Government aims to foster prosperous and cohesive communities, offering a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for all.
EDAW's collaborative approach to landscape architecture, planning/urban design, environmental planning, and economic, social, and cultural services has shaped sustainable environments across the globe.
The EPSRC is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences.
The European Knowledge Network shares knowledge and experience on tackling urban issues.
The Home Office
Site for the UK government department dealing with law, public order, public safety, immigration, fire, passports, prisons and the police among others.
The EPSRC funded ISSUES team aims to ensure that the findings from research work carried out by the Sustainable Urban Environments (SUE) consortia are understood and used by policy makers, practitioners and other end-users.
The Royal Institute of British Architects is the professional association of architects in the United Kingdom.
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the leading source of land, property, construction and related environmental knowledge.
The Royal Town Planning Institute is a dynamic organisation leading the way in the creation of places that work now and in the future.
A network for young professionals sharing an interest in sustainable development and the built environment. Sponge is a registered charity.
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