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Retail, Shopping and Crime Case Studies


Sustainability Issue 3
Potential Users: Urban Design Professionals, Academics

When to use: the Exploration stage of the Urban Design Decision-Making Process

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For more information, contact Caroline Davey.

ManchesterResearchers from VivaCity2020 Sustainability Issue Three conducted two case studies in Manchester and Sheffield. The researched looked in detail into the retail sector and crime in these cities and in the literature and recorded their findings. Interviews were conducted with officials, residents and employees involved in the retail sector, along with conversations and observations. City Council minutes were consulted, and conferences and meetings were attended.

The case studies chart the regeneration of two cities, looking into their pasts, presents and futures to determine extensive recommendations for an improved retail offer, a lower crime rate and less fear of crime from users and residents of the city centres. These case studies look into issues which can be applicable to cities around the UK, considering a wide range of factors which are important to create a vibrant, pleasant 24-hour urban environment.


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