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Urban Design Decision-Making Case Studies

Sustainability Issue 1

Potential Users: Urban Design Professionals, Local Authorities, Local Community, Voluntary Sector

When to Use: Throughout the Urban Design Decision-Making Process

Related Tools: the Urban Design Decision-Making Process

For more information, contact Rachel Cooper


CityAerialThese Case Studies present three different urban development projects in UK cities: an urban block in Clerkenwell, London; the mixed-use urban Devonshire Quarter in Sheffield; and a 2,200-hectare site in Central Salford, Greater Manchester. Through the collection of data about these projects, three different urban design decision-making processes were mapped, showing the main stages of each process, who the decision-makers were, what tools were used in decision-making and how and where sustainability was considered throughout the profess stages.

VivaCity have demonstrated a new way of thinking about urban design decision-making by diagrammatically representing how an urban development project evolves, from an idea through to the implementation of a design. Critical to this new process is the incorporation of sustainability at each stage of the process.





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