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Housing Case Studies

Sustainability Issue 6
Potential Users: Urban Design Professionals, Local Authorities

When to use: the Exploration stage of the Urban Design Decision-Making Process

Related Tools: Liveability Surveys, Open Space Strategy
For more information, contact Julienne Hanson.

Thirty residential areas have been selected from three major city centres, London (Clerkenwell), Manchester (Hulme) and Sheffield (Devonshire Quarter), to serve as case studies of the various types of housing that have been built in the UK between the 1820s and the present day. The starting point was to understand these case studies as examples of different housing typologies, by considering the architectural elements and morphological arrangements that are characteristic of each example. This led to an investigation of the ways in which built form and housing layout might contribute to the creation of sustainable housing environments and a safe and attractive public realm that support thriving local communities.

Click on the image for more information about the individual case study. (Note: clicking on each image will take you to a .pdf file)

Traditional Era: Pre 1890

1  2  3  4

Early Modern Era: 1891-1944

5  6 7  8 9





High Modern Era: 1944 - 1980


11  12  13  14  15



16  17  18  19  20



Post Modern Era: Post 1980

Street-type Layouts:


21  22  23  24  25



Mixed-Use Urban Blocks:

26  27  28  29  30




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