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Open Space Strategy

Sustainability Issue 6
Potential Users: Urban Design Professionals

When to use: Stage Two of Urban Design Decision-Making Process

Related Tools:Housing Case Studies, Liveability Surveys
For more information, contact Julienne Hanson.

VivaCity2020 aimed to investigate the influence of certain factors on crime vulnerability and fear of crime among residents. Researchers looked into variables such as housing density, built form, the syntactic layout of buildings, the design or pedestrian and vehicular routes, the arrangement of private and shared open spaces, and the connection between the visual and permeable relationship with the public domain. These factors were thought to indicate an area's vulnerability to crime, vandalism and antisocial behaviour, and the feelings of security felt by residents in and around their neighbourhood.


Quantitative data were gathered for all thirty housing schemes investigated by VivaCity, including the figure/ground ratio of the buildings and open spaces, the extent and type of non-residential uses, the public or private designation of any open spaces, the local street hierarchy and the type, height, transparency and permeability of the building facades and secondary boundaries such as walls, hedges or railings.

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