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Toilet Case Studies

Sustainability Issue 7
Potential Users: Urban Design Professionals, Local Authorities, Community

When to use: Throughout the
Urban Design Decision-Making Process
Related Tools: Inclusive Toilet Hierarchy, Toilet Audit Tool, Toilet Design Templates, Toilet User Personas, Toilet User Surveys
For more information, contact Julienne Hanson.


The research collected a wealth of information concerning public toilet provision in urban areas around the UK, concentrating on accessibility for people with special requirements regarding toilet use.

ToolsHouseCambridge Theme: Design Against Crime
ToolsHouseClerkenwell Theme: the absence of public toilets in the 24-hour city
ToolsHouseLiverpool Theme: Individual Toilet Campaign
ToolsHouseManchester Theme: Civic buildings and Transport Interchange
ToolsHouseMilton Keynes Theme: Regional Metropolitan Provision
ToolsHouseNottingham Theme: Community Toilet Campaign
ToolsHouseRichmond Upon Thames Theme: Community Toilet Scheme
ToolsHouseSheffield Theme: Public and Private Provision
ToolsHouseWestminster  Theme: Evening Provision

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