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Understanding Business and Resident Values

Sustainability Issue 2
Potential Users: Urban Design Professionals, Local Authorities

When to use: Driver of the Urban Design Decision-Making Process

Related Tools: Bibliographic Review; Case Studies: Generation of Land Use Diversity; Diversity and the Decision-Making Process; Generating Economic and Social Diversity Guidance, Land and Economic Use Survey and Impact Tools; Space Syntax Analysis: The Relationship Between Street Layout and Residential Property Value; Space Syntax Analysis: The Value and Formation of Urban Centres; Spatial Data Analysis
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Household Surveys - Quality of Life

A questionnaire survey conducted face to face at home and in the neighbourhood, with focus groups of residents (e.g. mother toddlers, pensioners). This sought to assess the living situation in terms of location, building mix and layout (vertical/horizontal, neighbouring uses) and the aspects that residents liked or disliked about their neighbourhood. Overall this assessed liveability in the context of the location, local services and housing/household type.

ToolsHouseClick here for a copy of the Household Living Questionnaire (Microsoft Word Document, 1004kb)

Business Surveys - Location

A postal questionnaire was sent to organisations drawn from local authority and business listings and workspace providers. This profiled firms in terms of service provided, numbers of staff, travel mode/distance to work, customer catchment, premises type and terms (e.g. lease), as well as location dis/advantages and intentions. This survey sought to assess the benefits of locating within mixed use and diverse environments from the perspective of trade, supply chain links and employment.

ToolsHouseClick here for a copy of the Business Questionnaire (Microsoft Word Document, 1011kb)


Information concerning the results of the surveys over several Case Study areas can be found in the Generation of Land Use Diversity Case Studies.


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